Multiscale Thermofluids Research Themes

All Research Themes at the Institute for Multiscale Thermofluids.

  • In this theme the work balance leans more towards experiments, but computations are also performed. This theme has an emphasis on mixing and reacting jets, phase and thermodynamic state changes, mixing dynamics (e.g. spray-induced turbulence), chemical reaction, and the effect of these process on performance of technological devices. A very large experimental effort is devoted to the use, adaptation, and development of entirely new laser diagnostic techniques for sprays and chemically reacting flows. The theme leader is Professor Mark Linne.

  • This theme currently emphasises theoretical and computational research in micro and nano fluid dynamics, including: molecular and hybrid molecular/continuum methods; wetting and evaporation; interfacial flows; and rarefied gas dynamics (also for aerospace and vacuum applications). We are developing new work on urban pedestrian/traffic dynamics.

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