Joint Experimental Investigation of two-phase flows in microscale

The proposal aims to advance the use of microchannels based cooling technology by solving major outstanding issues.

Flow instabilities and maldistribution are identified as a major hurdle towards effective implementation of this technology to a variety of applications. The proposal brings together two internationally leading teams on this subject from two British universities (BU) and (EU).

The proposal combines the expertise of the proposers in the area of two phase flows, heat transfer, as well as microfabrication and instrumentation techniques. The project involves two UK based industrial partners, Thermacore Europe and Selex, who will take an active part in the research programme.

The impact of this research will be undoubtedly major on the fundamental level as well as the applied side. The project includes a collaboration with the University of Valenciennes in France.

Principal Investigator: 

Research Institutes: 

  • Multiscale Thermofluids

Research Themes: 

  • Multiphase flows, interfaces and phase change from nano- to macro-scales

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