Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering is focused on developing sustainable processes to improve the natural and built environment for all living beings.

We are interested in the design of Civil and Environmental Engineering systems for people - systems that provide vital services such as water, sanitation and wastewater management. Our research involves water treatment and supply; wastewater treatment and management; land remediation; waste recycling, recovering and disposal; environmental sustainability; ensure public health and sanitation in urban, rural and recreational areas.


Research Projects


Research Facilities

Environmental Engineering laboratories are based within the William Rankine building and include both common and specialised facilities such as membrane systems, advanced oxidation processes (AOP) set-ups and biological reactors. The latest analytical and microbiology instruments are currently available in our laboratory. Ms Louise Hogg provides technical expertise and support and is the core coordinator of the labs.


PhD Opportunities


Loch Tay, Central Highlands of Scotland
Loch Tay, Central Highlands of Scotland
Environmental Engineering Laboratories at the School of Engineering
Environmental Engineering Laboratories