UCAS Applications

We accept and encourage applications from all able and qualified students from across the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

How to apply through UCAS

If you are applying for full-time study on any of our undergraduate degree programmes you must do so through  UCAS - Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.

UCAS manages applications for undergraduate (first degree) programmes at UK universities and colleges.

The application process is the same for international and UK applicants.

UCAS's online application system is called UCAS Apply, it allows you to:
  • apply for up to five different degree programmes or institutions in one application
  • access up-to-date information about degree programmes, institutions and criteria for selection through the Entry Profiles on the UCAS website
  • check the progress of your application through the decision-making process using UCAS Track

Your school or college will normally have access to UCAS Apply and will be able to guide you through the process.

If you are applying independently - for example, as a mature student or from overseas - UCAS can advise on the application process.

UCAS Personal Statement

The UCAS personal statement is your opportunity to convince Admissions Officers of your suitability for and commitment to the degree programme you have applied to. While good qualifications are essential they are not enough on their own. We want to be confident that you have the necessary skills and attributes for the degree programme.

We consider all information contained within your application before making our decision. This includes evidence of commitment, motivation and readiness for higher education, suitability for your chosen degree programme and a strong interest in your chosen subject area.

Your application will also be assessed for particular skills, qualities and attributes, which are recognised as being of particular value. If you are applying to a professional or vocational degree programme you should demonstrate a clear understanding of the profession. This is normally supported by evidence of appropriate work experience, volunteering, or work shadowing, although we do recognise not all students have equal access to such opportunities.

Applying through UCAS
Applying through UCAS
Engineering Student, University of Edinburgh
Engineering Student, University of Edinburgh