MSc Signal Processing and Communications

MSc Degree Programme: 

The MSc in Signal Processing and Communications provides graduates and working professionals with a broad training in signal processing and communications, including machine learning and data science. It also offers you an excellent opportunity to work on state-of-the-art research problems in those areas.

Signal processing and communications provide the theoretical foundations for any application which generates, processes, transmits or stores any type of signal. Some practical examples include:

  • computers and phones, and the Internet
  • video streaming
  • autonomous vehicles
  • wearable sensors
  • radar and wireless systems
  • sensor networks
  • medical images and physiological monitoring
  • financial products
  • audio and speech recognition and production

Signal processing and communications are key areas underpinning the Internet of Things and machine learning revolutions we are experiencing today.

For more information about the programme, its structure, the entry requirements etc. please see the University Degree Finder page.