Postgraduate student profiles

We asked some current students and recent graduates to tell us about their experiences of postgraduate study at the School of Engineering.

Brathikan is our enthusiastic student with a background in mechanical engineering. He has a strong interest in renewable energy and hands-on experience in various aspects of research, innovation, and education. In his previous roles, he worked as part of a research centre, contributing to projects related to Compressed Air Energy Storage. Additionally, as an assistant professor, he had the opportunity to guide students in practical applications like Ansys and Abaqus, and I also developed curriculum content for online learning in mechanical engineering. His journey reflects a dedication to sustainable solutions and a passion for fostering learning in the field of engineering.

Chan's ambition is to make a positive impact on the environment through his career as a chemical engineer; through process engineering and optimisation of the battery manufacturing process or material design of next-gen batteries.

Katie, our born and bred Scot, describes her journey thus far and offers top tips for new students.

MSc student in Edinburgh Old Town

Muhammad is interested in advancing sustainable power systems and tackling the challenges of achieving net zero emissions. Currently, he is focusing on understanding the complexities of establishing power markets in Indonesia, as this is his employer's, Perusahaan Listrik Negara, focus. His goal is to enhance his expertise and contribute significantly to our global energy future.

Qusai Alabbassi profile photo, wearing pink shirt with bright yellow background

From Jordan, Qusai is a passionate and experienced Sustainable Energy Engineer with over 5 years experience in the renewable energy and  environmental sector. With a keen focus on project and policy development, he tells us all about how his MSc is equipping him for his future career and shares some of his top tips for students.

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