Remote Destruction & Sterilization of the Coronavirus by RF/Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

The proposed PhD research plan is to develop further a new methodology that can help combat the COVID-19 pandemic by remote microwave sterilization of surfaces and air particles using antenna radiation and wireless power transmission.

The concept basically works like a conventional microwave oven where materials/surfaces, etc. can be sterilized by radiating safe RF/microwave energy.

However, the new idea is to make this process remote, such that an operator, or self-managed system, could sterilize a room or ambulance (for example) with a simple hand-held device or air-conditioner unit, and whilst not even touching the infected surface, air particulates, or a handling of any harsh chemical cleaner. The methodology basically uses a liquid film layer to deactivate the corona virus and other pathogens by thermal heating.

To transfer the energy or power wirelessly, the system is constituted by electronically steerable RF antennas and beam focusing, controlled by the supporting electronics. The process can also include a visual colour indicator for the operator to know when the temperature required for coronavirus deactivation has been achieved.

The motivation of the PhD research will be to continue these important efforts.

Please note if a suitable candidate is identified this advert will close early.

Further Information: 

[1] IEEE JERM Journal Paper; A Methodology for Remote Microwave Sterilization Applicable to the Coronavirus and Other Pathogens using Retrodirective Antenna Arrays.

[2] A video which shows the colour change indication, defining 60 degrees Celsius (which is required for coronavirus deactivation), can be found here.

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Closing Date: 

Wednesday, November 22, 2023
Remote Destruction & Sterilization of the Coronavirus by RF/Microwave Wireless Power Transmission

Principal Supervisor: 

Assistant Supervisor: 

Srinjoy Gupta


Minimum entry qualification - an Honours degree at 2:1 or above (or International equivalent) and an MSc degree in electrical engineering with a focus on wireless power transmission, RF/microwave engineering, RF system design and amplifiers, electromagnetics and/or antenna arrays.

Further information on English language requirements for EU/Overseas applicants.


Tuition fees + stipend are available for applicants who qualify as Home applicants (international students are also welcome to apply).

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