Infrastructure and Environment

Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

The Structures Test Hall is our high-headroom lab for testing medium to large structural assemblies.

The strong floor and reaction frame systems give great versatility in the types of test that we can carry out, and we have a state of the art Instron actuator system for applying two independent loads under precise computer control.

A servo-hydraulic two-actuator, bi-axial system. Used on the Structures Lab strong floor.

Our research facilities are located at the William Rankine Building, within the University of Edinburgh's King's Buildings Campus, in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. This building and the neighbouring Alexander Graham Bell Building host the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment.

William Rankine Building, King's Buildings, Edinburgh

Research in Chemical Engineering

Edinburgh Castle

REF 2021

Research Collaboration and Partnerships

Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh - CBEE

Research Partnerships

The School is also a partner in a number of important interdisciplinary centres within the University:

About King's Buildings

King's Buildings Campus, University of Edinburgh

The King's Buildings is home to several education and research organisations:

Business case studies

Wave Making Technology - Edinburgh Designs Ltd

Spinout companies

Spinouts are companies started by School staff, where the University holds the intellectual property rights.


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