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  • The materials and structures research theme encompasses the development of novel materials and their integration with electronics to make smart sensors and systems.

    On-going research includes the development and optimisation of silicon carbide microsystems for operation in harsh environments. 

    Figure 1 Graphene resonators released by XeF2 etch and integrated with contact electrodes

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  • Photonic materials, displays, light sources, and other systems and devices, engineered to provide the manipulation of light from micro- and nano-structured materials.

    In this research theme light-emitting and light-modulating materials are developed and integrated with silicon microelectronics to form new high-performance optical systems.  Examples include:

    Liquid Crystal Laser

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  • The integration of novel materials and devices with electronics to sense a range of physical properties such as heat, light, sound, radiation or chemical signatures such as pathogens or gases.  This also includes integrating sensors with CMOS to increase their functionality (More than Moore) which involves both design and technology development.

    Examples include:

    450 micron focal plane unit fro SCUBA-2 micromachined at the SMC

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  • Our vision is to treat platform silicon IC technology as a commodity element of the system with the value added part being the bespoke post-processing and the associated IP.

    The term Smart Microsystem refers to micro and nano-scale devices that combine electronic integrated circuits with additional, non-electronic components on a single substrate; thereby providing additional functionality. Such microsystems can be sub-divided into a myriad of application groups, including chemical, biological, optical, mechanical, electromagnetic and fluidic.

    Electroplated Permalloy on an SU-8 mould fabricated at the SMC. This technology is required for the integration of magnetic components on CMOS

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  • The design of energy efficient embedded communication centric devices for internet –of-thing as well as emerging smart and wearable mobile devices

    This research theme addresses the design of new generation of emerging smart and mobile devices that target are energy critical applications. Examples are next generation smart phones, wearable devices, as well as other type of smart, embedded, wireless devices that make up future internet of things networks.

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