Dr Hannah Chalmers, Senior Lecturer and Discipline Programme Manager

I was promoted to Senior Lecturer in 2015, while on maternity leave for the second time during my employment with the School of Engineering. I secured School support for promotion shortly after I had informed my Line Manager that I was pregnant.

I returned to work following my first period of maternity leave - seven months of leave followed by phased return, working 50% of my full-time equivalent hours for three months.

My decision to seek promotion was made earlier than I would have considered independently, but I was supported by a conscious effort from senior colleagues to ensure that areas where I required further experience and evidence to make a successful promotion case were addressed. 

I felt completely supported by the School on my return to work. My teaching commitments were rescheduled at my request to be more compatible with my childcare responsibilities.


Dr Hannah Chalmers, Senior Lecturer and Discipline Programme Manager, Mechanical Engineering (School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh)


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Dr Hannah Chalmers