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  • Atif Syed, a PhD student at Edinburgh, has won the Innovation Cup with his business idea NanJect in June 2014.

    Mr Atif Syed, PhD student of the School of Engineering, in a laboratory clean suit
  • The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council brought the UK's most inspiring engineers and scientists to Parliament at a special reception to celebrate the RISE programme, launched this year with the Royal Academy of Engineering to mark EPSRC's 20-year anniversary.

    Professor Harold Haas
  • Are you interested in undergraduate study in Engineering at the University of Edinburgh? Or do you know someone who might be?

    This Friday (13th June 2014) the School of Engineering will be hosting an Undergraduate Open Day.

    Student Open Day, McEwan Hall
  • The FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility has opened at Edinburgh University and is the first of its kind in the world.

    FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility
  • Di Wu, a PhD student at the School of Engineering has just won the coveted Dstl prize on their recent challenge competition on spectral deconvolution.

    Picture of Di Wu with his prize - A model of the experimental instrument


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