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School of Engineering people
Namesort ascending Research Institute Telephone Email
Mrs Megan Kellingray

Mrs Mbayer Abunku Energy Systems

Mrs Mayra Sareth Tovar Oliva Materials and Processes

Mrs Maria Pusceddu +44(0)131 6507803

Mrs Madeleine McBeath +44(0)131 60131 6505706

Mrs Lyndsey Johnstone +44(0)131 6651 9054

Mrs Louise McCreath +44(0)131 60131 650 7352

Mrs Lauren Rohm Gillespie Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mrs Laura Smith +44(0)131 6505690

Mrs Laura Koo +44(0)131 6505584

Mrs Krista Hanis-Gervais

Mrs Janet Forbes Imaging, Data and Communications

Mrs Jacqueline Narendran +44(0)131 6517064

Mrs Huma Iqbal Energy Systems

Mrs Deborah Stitt Infrastructure and Environment

Mrs Clare Catherine Halpenny Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mrs Christina Somerville Infrastructure and Environment

Mrs Aqsa Ahmad Imaging, Data and Communications

Mrs Amanda Simpson +44(0)131 6505768

Mrs Amanda Coates

Mrs Alicja Ross

Mr Zongyang Yue Materials and Processes

Mr Ziyu Fang Energy Systems

Mr Zihan Liu Materials and Processes

Mr Zhikai Liu Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Zhenye Xu Materials and Processes

Mr Zhe Liu Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Zhaosheng Li Materials and Processes

Mr Zezhao Wen Energy Systems

Mr Zehong Liao Energy Systems


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