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School of Engineering people
Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Mr Nurbanu Ozgultekin Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Ahmet Burak Ozyurt Imaging, Data and Communications

Mr Christopher Ian Packer Materials and Processes

Miss Ieva Pakamoryte Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Yihan Pan Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Alin Georgian Panca Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Ms Androniki Papathanasi Energy Systems

Ms Kseniya Papchenko Materials and Processes

Mr Konstantinos Pappas Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Mason Parker Energy Systems

Mr Maximilian Parzen Energy Systems

Mr Praveenkumar Subhash Patil Materials and Processes

Miss Geethanjali Sreenivasarao Pavar Energy Systems

Mr Toa Pecur Materials and Processes

Mr Michele Pelizzari Multiscale Thermofluids

Miss Helena Perez Martin Materials and Processes

Miss Maja Helena Persson Energy Systems

Mr James William Pheysey Infrastructure and Environment

Peach Phurappa Energy Systems

Mr Mateusz Portka Infrastructure and Environment
Mr Munawir Pratma Energy Systems
Miss Alicja Czeslawa Przystup Infrastructure and Environment

Ms Urte Puodziunaite Bioengineering

Mr Junaid Ahmad Qayyum Materials and Processes

Mr Weizhe Qin Energy Systems

Mr Peizhao Qiu Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Miss Isabella Christina Quaranta Materials and Processes

Mr James Andrew Quinn Materials and Processes

Miss Nancy Ralph Energy Systems

Mr Dashty Samal Rashid Infrastructure and Environment


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