Spinouts and Start Ups

The School of Engineering at Edinburgh has a long track record of spin-out and start up companies and innovations, including key players in the industry.

Spinout Companies

  • Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd - microelectronics and fabless semiconductor (Now part of  Cirrus Logic)
  • MicroEmissive Displays - TV microdisplays
  • Vision Group – CMOS imagers (Now ST Microelectronics)
  • Micropix – LCD microdisplays (now Forth DD)
  • Predictions Software - semiconductor yield
  • Spiral Gateway - low power IC design
  • SATSIS - satellite comms
  • RicaTek - design of next-generation digital cameras and imaging systems.
  • Sofant Technologies - Smart antenna, RF switches and Tunable RF Technologies for mobile devices
  • Nanoflex - nanoelectrodes
  • Dynamic BioArray - Systems and Components for Biological Microarray Analysis
  • Holxica Ltd - Holographic 3D solutions

Companies Hosted at the SMC

Pyreos at SMC
Pyreos Sensor Innovation
NuNano at SMC
NuNano - High quality AFM Probes
Memsstar at SMC