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  • The extraordinary flying ability of dandelion seeds is possible thanks to a form of flight that has not been seen before in nature, research has revealed.

    A dandelion seed in flight and (right) with the air bubble it generates, visualised in a wind tunnel (credit Cathal Cummins)
  • Hancong Wu, a PhD student in the Institue for Digital Communiations, has won the prize for Best Student Poster Award in the 4th Conference on Impedance-Based Cellular Assays (IBCA2018).

    Hancong Wu presenting, IBCA2018
  • Krisna Pawitan, a PhD student in the Institute for Energy Systems, has received the Best Student Presentation Award at the 4th Asian Wave and Tidal Energy Conference in Taiwan in September.

    Krisna Pawitan receiving hus Best Student Presentation award at AWTEC 2018
  • IDCoM PhD student Euan Ward has received an award worth up to £80,000 from a body that backs emerging technologies.

    PhD Student Euan Ward
  • Francesc Levrero-Florencio has been announced as a winner of the best thesis award in In silico medicine by the Virtual Physiological Human institute (VPHi), based in Belgium.

    Francesc and Pankaj, in academic gowns, standing on the steps of the Museum of Scotland, Chambers Street, Edinburgh
  • Dr Mark McAllister, a former PhD and Undergraduate student of the School of Engineering, has won the 16th ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Oral Presentation Competition.

    Dr Mark McAllister receiving the Osborne Reynolds PhD oral presentation award
  • Ultra-fast vibrations can be used to heat tiny amounts of liquid, experts have found, in a discovery that could have a range of engineering applications.

    The findings could in theory help improve systems that prevent the build-up of ice on aeroplanes and wind turbines, researchers say.

    Boiling water, close up view of bubbles
  • The University of Edinburgh is one of four Universities within a Scottish and Northern Ireland consortium that has successfully attained a £4 million grant to improve information superiority for the Ministry of Defence.

    University Defence Research Collaboration in Signal Processing sign
  • Dr Iain Scott has been awarded a Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE) for his contribution to Leonardo’s Vixen-E family of Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) airborne radars.

    Dr Iain Scott
  • The e-Drive project team launched the Edinburgh Wave Systems Simulation Toolbox during a workshop led by Dr Richard Crozier at the International Conference on Ocean Energy in Cherbourg, France on June 14th.

    Dr Richard Crozier at the Software Launch, ICOE 2018


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