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  • A prototype engine is being developed by the School of Engineering, in collaboration with Northumbria University, which could be used to harvest energy on the surface of Mars.

    Leidenfrost Engine
  • Prof Markus Mueller, Head of the Institute for Energy Systems, is awarded £2.5m by Wave Energy Scotland (WES) to demonstrate a novel direct drive generator technology for wave energy applications.

  • Congratulations to Dr Jin Sun from the Institute for Infrastructure and Environment (IIE) who has just been awarded a RAEng/Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship.

    Dr Jin Sun
  • Keith Smith, a PhD student in the Institute for Digital Communications, has been selected to present his research at the STEM for Britain competition.

    Keith Smith
  • Professor Harald Haas, CSO of pureLiFi and Professor of Mobile Communications at the University of Edinburgh, has received the International Solid State Lighting Alliance (ISA) Award for Outstanding Achievement in Beijing, China this November.

    The award, presented at the 13th International Forum on Solid State Lighting, relates to Professor Haas’s contribution to diversify the applications of solid state lighting (SSL) technology. 2014 Nobel Prize for Physics winner and previous winner of the Outstanding Achievement, Professor Shuji Nakamura, presented Professor Haas with the award.

    LiFi, which stands for 'light fidelity', is a technology that can transmit data through light and turn the lamps in every office, home, car or streetlight into wireless Internet access points. It offers higher speeds than traditional wireless technology, greater security and the potential to deliver unprecedented bandwidth and data density.

    Professor Shuji Nakamura presenting Professor Harald Haas with his Award
  • Back to the Future - Infrastructure for a Changing World

    Professor Gordon Masterton giving his Inaugural Lecture: Back to the Future - Infrastructure for a Changing World
  • Fluid dynamics researchers from the School of Engineering have been selected to lead three Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the EPSRC-funded UK Fluids Network, from 2017 for three years.

    Dr Prashant Valluri, Prof Jason Reese, Dr Dong-hyuk Shin, Dr Ton van den Bremer, School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh
  • Thermodynamics 2017 will be held from 5-8 September at the University of Edinburgh.

    In 2017, the main themes of the conference will be:

    Dugald Stewart Monument, Edinburgh
  • Dr. Maria-Chiara Ferrari has been elected as member of the European Membrane Society Council.

    The Council is formed by 9 members that are elected for four years.

    Dr. Maria-Chiara Ferrari
  • Dr Enzo Mangano has been recently awarded best Italian early-stage academic working in Scotland in Physical and Engineering Sciences. The award, which is now at its 3rd edition, was made this year for the first time also as a separate prize for Italian researchers working in Scotland.

    Award Ceremony, University of Glasgow, 29/11/2016


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