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  • Dr Escudero was part of a small group who met the King and Queen of Spain at the Francis Crick Institute in London on 14 July.

    Representatives meeting the King and Queen of Spain in London
  • Dávidné Nagy has won the Graduate Student Award for her submitted work and presentation at the E-MRS Spring Meeting in Strasbourg, France in May.

    Dávidné Nagy at the  E-MRS Spring Meeting
  • Returning for its third year, the School of Engineering at the Univeristy of Edinburgh, in collaboration with the Scottish Chapter of the IEEE Electron Devices Society present its Evening Exploration Lecture.

    Professor John Thompson of the School of Engineering in the University of Edinburgh
  • Work which aims to help doctors distinguish rehabilitation improvements in children is being presented by PhD student Eli Kinney-Lang at an international conference on 12 July.

  • Henry Jeffrey in his new position as chair of the Executive Committee (ExCo) of the Technology Collaboration Programme on Ocean Energy Systems (OES), within the International Energy Agency (IEA), chaired its 32nd meeting in Monaco.

    Technology Collaboration Programme on Ocean Energy Systems (OES) Group photograph, assembled on stairs
  • Work originally invented by Professor Harald Haas and his colleagues has been showcased by major industry at the IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC) between 21-25 May 2017 in Paris.

    Professor Harald Haas holding an early Lifi signal processor
  • Dr. Andrea Semiao has received £125,000 from EPSRC to support a 15-month project which contributes to the global need for reliable and sustainable provision of clean drinking water. 

    Dr Andrea Joana Correia Semiao
  • Researchers from the School of Engineering have been awarded a £1.4M grant from the Global Challenges Research Fund. This will fund an innovative research project to reduce the impact of fire hazards on informal settlements.

    View of an informal settlement, a number of dwellings made of corrugated iron sheets
  • Evidence from a historic site appears to confirm the date of a comet strike that killed thousands, wiped out many large animal species, and triggered a mini ice age, according to research led by Dr Martin Sweatman of the School of Engineering.

    Position of the sun and stars on the summer solstice of 10,950 BC, credit Martin Sweatman and stellarium
  • A new EverBeing EB-6 Analytical Probestation has been installed at the SMC thanks to a collaboration with EverBeing Int'l Corp.

    Scientist using the new EverBeing EB-6 Analytical Probestation laboratory equipment


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