Prof Steve McLaughlin

Visiting Professor




Research Institute: 

  • Digital Communications
Prof Steve McLaughlin
Prof Steve McLaughlin


  • Image Processing Course

Research Interests: 


I have an interest in communication systems in general, specifically in the analysis of mobile wireless and wireless sensor systems. In particular, I am interested in resource allocation and routing algorithms for such systems.

Signal Processing

My generic research interest lie in the the study of signals and their interaction with systems. These signals are in general electrical signals, as in communication systems, or digitally sampled naturally occurring signals, for example in speech and geophysics. In particular, my focus has been signal processing. Signal Processing can be defined as transformations applied to measurements to maximise their usefulness by an observer or a computer. Typically this is for the purposes of: signal-to-noise enhancement, i.e. optimal extraction of a signal from background noise; detection, i.e. determining if a particular signal is present; parameter estimation, i.e. estimation of the characteristics of a signal or underlying system; classification, i.e. of a signals source or of its nature.

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