Engineering Makerspace

Bring your ideas to life at the Engineering Makerspaces on the King’s Buildings campus.

Engineering Makerspace at Hudson Beare

The Engineering Makerspace is a dedicated workspace where students can design, build and test their own engineering projects and inventions. Co-run by the School of Engineering and Edinburgh Innovations, it is home to a community of student inventors, from first years to PhD students.

Whether you want to build a mini rocket, try your hand at 3D printing, or access support for your business ideas, the Makerspace is the place to experiment and meet fellow innovators.

You will have access to practical support and supervision from our expert technical staff, alongside entrepreneurial advice and funding opportunities from Edinburgh Innovations. 

What facilities are available? 

Engineering Makerspace: (Hazard 0 activities) 

Level 0 provides general bench space for light manual assembly, and low voltage electronic and electrical work. 

Engineering Makerspace: Level 1 (Hazard 0 activities) 

Level 1 of the Makerspace contains the following facilities: 

What kind of activities can I do here? 

The Makerspace is suitable for a variety of activities classed as Hazard 0-2, such as:

  • 3D printing 
  • Light manual assembly using hand tools and light drills 
  • Electronic work, testing and soldering 
  • Resin infusion for composite manufacturing 
  • Testing of custom designed projects 

Find out more about the hazard level of different activities. Facilities are classified by the highest category of hazard for activities that can take place there.

What if my activity is classed as Hazard 3 or above?

If you want to do heavy machining or engineering tasks, such as grinding, milling, cutting, welding, or other activities classed at Hazard Levels 3-4, contact for discussion and access to the Mechanical Engineering Workshops (G20, Sanderson Building). 

Who can access the Makerspace? 

The space can be booked by all University of Edinburgh students, from undergraduate to PhD level. 

How do I start using it? 

Contact the Makerspace Manager Dr Amer Syed We will get in touch to arrange a chat about how you would like to use the space – including when and how much you’d like to use it, and what type of activity you’ll be doing. 

If the space is suitable for your requirements, you will complete a health and safety induction before gaining access. 

You will also need to supply a statement of work and a risk assessment for your intended activity, which must be reviewed by Makerspace supervisors before you start working.

Digital Engineering Makerspace at Innspace 

Digital design is transcending the traditional boundaries of the design-build-test-learn cycle by providing an innovative workflow for design led activities. As a tool, it offers a unique ability to optimise the designs for the intended application.   

Innspace is a digital Makerspace where digital design and testing can be undertaken. It offers the following facilities:  

  • Virtual Reality (VR) facility 
  • High performance workstations for computer aided design (CAD) and numerical simulations 
  • Digital workspace 

Student projects 

Join our student societies to create innovative projects and gain practical engineering experience.   

  • HYPED are the UK’s leading student team working on Hyperloop technology, and are currently building a Hyperloop pod prototype to test the viability of this alternative form of high-speed rail transport. HYPED are also one of the four founding members and organisers of European Hyperloop Week competition, which attracts hyperloop enthusiasts and industry from around the world.  
  • Edinburgh University Formula Student designs and builds Formula Student car to compete in the annual IMechE’s Formula Student competition.  
  • Endeavour are working on several high-powered rocketry and liquid engine projects, including their next generation of their rocket Ada. 
  • Engineering for Change builds and tests a wide variety of sustainable engineering projects such as wind turbines, platforms for offshore wind turbines and utilisation and recycling of waste plastics.  
  • HumanEd are working on humanoid robotics bringing together the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, electronic engineering and informatics with applications to healthcare industry. 
  • Hands-On STEM engages in outreach activities aimed at informing school pupils about STEM topics through engaging and thought-provoking, hands-on projects. 

Additional student facilities and support 

We offer a range of support including: 

  • A dedicated bay for assembly of large projects 
  • Storage space for short to medium term storage of projects 
  • Advice and technical support on design and manufacture 
  • Advice on entrepreneurial potential of the project (in collaboration with Edinburgh Innovations) 
  • Student clubs and societies 

Contact us 

For enquiries, please email Dr Amer Syed: 

Contact Name: 

Contact Email: 


The Makerspace is based in the Hudson Beare Workshops. View the KB campus map.