The Curved Wave Tank

The University of Edinburgh Curved Wave Tank is a multidirectional wave facility, which is capable of producing digitally controlled pseudo random waves with definable spectral and directional statistics. It is equipped with force feedback absorbing wavemakers, which enhance the accuracy of marine environmental conditions through the minimisation of standing waves.

  • Water depth 1.2 meters, paddle depth 0.7 meters
  • Deep water facility, offer testing scale of c. 1:70 - 1:100
  • 48 wavemakers in a 9 meter arc, whose incline angle is just over 90 degrees
  • Absorbing wavemaker paddles and force control based on strain-gauge
  • Edinburgh Designs technology for control systems
    • G1 Fast USB hub, 32 analogue channels
  • Edinburgh Design conductivity wave gauge (2 x WG8)
    • Up to 16 locations
    • Automated wave gauge calibration
  • 1 Optical wave gauge
  • Video motion tracking device providing real time displacement information (2 x Qualisys camera)
    • 6 degrees of freedom (surge, sway, roll, pitch and yaw)
    • Accurate positioning of markers
  • Overhead crane (5 ton)
  • Data aquisition system
Services Offered
  • Uni and multi-directional sea state
  • Wave/Sea state measurement
  • Compile sea state measurements
Support Offered
  • Desk space (ad-hoc)
  • Tank test set-up and support available (at extra cost)
  • Workshop access
University of Edinburgh Curved Wave Tank photographed from the control desk looking down onto the water tank and waves
University of Edinburgh Curved Wave Tank

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Fleeming Jenkin Building
King's Buildings
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