Institute for Energy Systems

The Institute for Energy Systems, IES, is one of seven multi-disciplinary research institutes within the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. Led by Professor Alasdair McDonald there are seven integrated research areas involving 26 academic staff, 28 research staff and around 70 postgraduate students.

Research in the Institute for Energy Systems (IES) delivers world leading research in low carbon energy systems, technology and policy.

Within IES we have academic expertise in resource modelling and measurement, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electromagnetics, power electronics, control, power systems analysis and life-cycle analysis.

IES has developed unique world class test facilities for wave and tidal energy, in particular the FloWave Combined Wave and Current Test Tank.

Staff play a central role in marine renewable research at both a national and international level. It hosted the EPSRC-funded SuperGen UK Centre for Marine Energy Research, and is founder and chair of the Ocean Energy Group within the European Energy Research Alliance.

Introduction to IES Video

You can watch this video on YouTube.

Flagship Research Projects

  • ADVANTAGE - Advanced Communications and Information Processing in Smart Grid Systems, Marie Curie ITN, FP7
  • DTOcean - Optimal Design Tools for Ocean Energy Arrays, EU FP7
  • ECOWATT - EPSRC Grand Challenge
  • EDRIVE - All electrical drive for marine energy converters, EPSRC Grand Challenge
  • FlowTurb - EPSRC Grand Challenge
  • HYVE - Hydrogen's Value in the Energy System
  • LEANWIND - Logistic Efficiencies And Naval architecture for Wind Installations with Novel Developments, EU FP7
  • POLYWEC - Polymeric Wave Energy Converter, EU FP7
  • RESTLESS - Realising Energy Storage Technologies in Low-carbon Energy Systems
  • TeraWatt - EPSRC Grand Challenge
  • TIDAL-EC - Tidal Energy Converter Cost Reduction via Power Take Off Optimisation (EU FP7)
  • UKCCS - UK Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage, EPSRC

Previous Research Projects

  • ARIES - Adaption and Resilience in Energy Systems, EPSRC
  • MARINA PLATFORM - Multi-Purpose Platforms for Marine Renewable Energy, EU FP7
  • MARINET - Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network, EU FP7
  • RENEW-NET - SME support in Electrical Power Engineering
  • TROPOS - Multi-use Offshore Platforms, EU FP7

IDCORE - Engineering Doctoral Centre in Offshore Renewable Energy

In addition to traditional PhD training opportunities, IES leads the innovative IDCORE Engineering Doctoral Centre in Offshore Renewable Energy as well as very well-established and successful MSc in Sustainable Energy Systems. IES is a partner in the EPSRC funded CDT in Wind and Marine led by Strathclyde University.

Research Themes

Journal Clubs and Discussion Groups

Further Information

An underwater view of the turbines in the Flowave tidal and wave tank
An underwater view of the turbines in the Flowave tidal and wave tank
Focussed wave in the FloWave test facility
Focussed wave in the FloWave test facility
C-Gen 20kW Permanent Magnet Generator
C-Gen 20kW Permanent Magnet Generator