Electrical Power Conversion

This theme focusses on converting energy from one form into electrical energy using electrical machines and power electronics.

The design of novel machines is an integral part of this research theme which concentrates on power take off systems in renewable energy converters, such as direct drive wave, wind and tidal current systems.

Novel design and control of power electronic converters are essential to meet the unique challenges posed by renewable energy systems for grid connection and for optimal performance over their lifetime.

Theme Leader: Markus Mueller

Research areas within this research theme:
  • Novel Generator Designs for Renewable Power Generation
  • Thermal and Mechanical Analysis for Electrical Machines
  • Power Conversion and Control for Renewable Energy Converters
  • HVDC converters for offshore power transmission
  • Hybrid Power Systems
 20kW "C-GEN" permanent magnet generator
20kW "C-GEN" permanent magnet generator
23kW voltage source converter for renewable applications
23kW voltage source converter for renewable applications