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Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Ben Thomas

Mr Stewart Wilson

Mr Zehong Liao

Mr Himayat Ullah Jan

Dr Prodip Das Energy and Climate Change, Fluid Mechanics

Prof Henry F Jeffrey +44(0)131 6505570

Prof Hannah Chalmers Energy Storage and Carbon Capture, Carbon Capture and Separation Processes +44(0)131 6505694

Dr Thibaut Desguers +44(0)131 6508698

Prof Ignazio Maria Viola Fluid Mechanics, Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6505622

Dr Michael Merlin Electrical Power Conversion +44(0)131 6505726

Mr Callum Guy

Mr Fergus Hall

Miss Gunel Aghabayli Institute for Energy Systems Themes, Energy and Climate Change, Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

Mr Nan Zhang

Dr Thomas Davey +44(0)131 6513555

Dr Adam Robinson Energy Storage and Carbon Capture, Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6507303

Dr Joseph Burchell Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6506487

Mr Mason Parker

Miss Geethanjali Sreenivasarao Pavar

Dr Anup Nambiar Electrical Power Conversion, Offshore Renewable Energy, Power Systems +44(0)131 6505596

Ms Dan Su

Mr Jorge Cristóbal Sandoval Ulloa

Dr Andrew Lyden

Prof Sasa Djokic +44(0)131 6505595

Dr Donald Ross Noble Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation, Offshore Renewable Energy

Mr Wasi Ullah

Mr Hasan Muslemani

Miss Jieyu Yao

Mr Kuba Frankowski

Mr Jan Dillenburger-Keenan


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