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Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Ruben Dario Bravo Vargas Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

Prof David M Ingram +44(0)131 6519022

Miss Karen Brocklehurst +44(0)131 6505646

Mr Simon Robertson

Ms Xiaoyun Rong Electrical Power Conversion, Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6504955

Ms Stephanie Claire Mann

Mrs Dagmar Hallfarth

Mr Simon Reynolds

Mr Scott William Mckirdy

Mr Steven Christopher Allsop +44(0)131 6517293

Mr Marco Antonio Sepulveda Gutierrez

Mr Suuny Shah

Mr Kinan Bezem

Mr Anas Abdul Rahman +44(0)131 6505612

Mr Okechukwu Godswill Ubani +44(0)131 6504955

Ms Frances Mary Judge

Mr Abdulhamid M Mahmud Atia

Mr Nadir Ali Abdullah Al Shibli

Mr Antony Walker

Mr Mohamad Syahin Bin Zaini Electrical Power Conversion, Offshore Renewable Energy, Power Systems +44(0)131 6504955

Mr Juan Riaza +44(0)131 6507444

Mr Daniele Certini

Mr Anthony Joseph McDonald +44(0)131 6517293

Miss Sara Lupo

Mr Alexandros Kleidaras Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation, Power Systems

Mr Emmanouil Manolis Falagkaris +44(0)131 6508689

Mr Hongye Zhang

Mr Estanislao JuanPablo Echenique Subiabre +44(0)131 6506719

Mr William James Jamieson

Mr Ciaran Frost


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