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Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Vengatesan Venugopal Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6505652

Miss Karen Brocklehurst +44(0)131 6505646

Dr R Camilla Thomson Energy and Climate Change, Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation, Offshore Renewable Energy, Power Systems +44(0)131 6513526

Ms Laura Herraiz Palomino Energy Storage and Carbon Capture, Carbon Capture and Separation Processes +44(0)131 6507444

Dr Joseph Burchell Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6506487

Mr Kaswar Mostafa +44(0)131 6506487

Ms Charlotte Cochrane

Dr Christina Francis

Dr Ignazio Maria Viola Naval Architecture, Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6505622

Mr Nan Zhang

Prof Nigel William Henry Allsop

Ms Yidan Zhang

Mr Andrew Kilmartin

Dr Konstantinos Gyftakis +44(0)131 6505210

Ms Zoi Blatsi

Mr Yuanda Gao

Mr Yu Cao

Mr Paul Robin Kerr

Mr Iain Andrew Struthers

Miss Geethanjali Sreenivasarao Pavar

Ms Dan Su

Mr Chuantong Hao

Mr Han Yue

Mr Zezhao Wen

Dr Laura-Beth Jordan

Miss Shovana Talukdar

Mr Rasyidy Salman Ab Rasid

Mr Stuart David Logan

Mr Georgios Skarmoutsos

Miss Yajun Ren


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