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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Luke Bisby Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6505710

Mr Felix Wiesner Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering

Miss Martina Manes Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering

Dr Hongbo Liu +44(0)131 6507204

Mr Majed Aljohani

Mr Simon Reinaldo Santamaria Garcia Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6507860

Mrs Norlizan Wahid +44(0)131 6519035

Mr Hossain Zadhoush +44(0)131 6505806

Dr Craig Warren Infrastructure Sensing and Systems

Miss Pauline Adele Jeanne Bartoli

Dr John Morrissey +44(0)131 6505790

Dr Zafeirios Triantafyllidis +44(0)131 6507860

Mr Timothy James Aspinall

Dr Rupert Myers Structural Engineering, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation +44(0)131 6507792

Dr Ting Zhou +44(0)131 6507204

Mr Joel Keishing +44(0)131 6507860

Dr Shane Burns

Ms Marion Agathe Bourebrab

Dr Jin Sun +44(0)131 6519028

Mr Konstantinos Chatziioannou

Miss Henrietta Rose Baker +44(0)131 6505790

Mr Zeyu Cheng

Mr Wilson Ulises Rojas Alva +44(0)131 6507248

Dr Andrea Joana Correia Semiao Environmental Engineering +44(0)131 6505792

Prof Yong Lu +44(0)131 6519052

Mr Lorenzo Conti +44(0)131 6505806

Mr Weizhi Fan +44(0)131 6xxxxxx

Dr Pinelopi Kyvelou

Mr Ofonime Akpan Harry +44(0)131 6507207

Mr John Matthew Hartley +44(0)131 6505812


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