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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Alistair Borthwick Offshore Renewable Energy +44(0)131 6505588

Ms Jacqueline Gordon +44(0)131 6505211

Ms Louise Hogg +44(0)131 6519036

Dr Filipe Teixeira-Dias Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6506768

Mr Lorenzo Conti +44(0)131 6505806

Mr Eric Victor Mueller Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6507241

Miss Martina Manes Fire Safety Engineering, Structural Engineering

Prof Michael C Forde Infrastructure Sensing and Systems +44(0)131 6505721

Mr Abdulrahman Abbadi

Mr Andrea Lucherini

Miss Wei Zhang

Mr Liam Ingram +44(0)131 6507241

Mr Michael Ross +44(0)131 6507248

Ms Evangelia Athanasiou

Prof Paolo Perona Environmental Engineering +44(0)131 6505718

Mr Kerem Ozkap

Prof Yong Lu Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6519052

Mr Alastair Kennedy Oliver +44(0)131 6507248

Mr Faisal Salman Alsedairy +44(0)131 6505812

Dr Rafael Boloix-Tortosa

Mr Robert Henry Edward Baughan

Mr Ian Michael Bradley +44(0)131 6507241

Miss Sorcha Daly +44(0)131 6507248

Mr Russell David Wallace

Mr Jens Kristensen Fire Safety Engineering

Dr Hwa Kian Chai Institute for Infrastructure and Environment Themes, Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6507153

Mr Jan Christian Thomas Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6507241

Mr Fahad Gulib

Mr Behzad Soltanbeigi Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure +44(0)131 6505790

Mr Enrique Lacasa Ferrer


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