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School of Engineering people
Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Ms Jennifer McCabe

Mr David McCabe +44(0)131 6505695

Prof Hugh McCann Imaging, Data and Communications +44(0)131 6505531

Dr Edward McCarthy Materials and Processes

Ms Bridgeen McCloskey +44(0)131 6506993

Dr Alistair McConnell Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mrs Louise McCreath +44(0)131 60131 650 7352

Mr Andrew McDermott +44(0)131 6505685

Prof Alasdair McDonald Energy Systems

Prof Joe McGeough Integrated Micro and Nano Systems +44(0)131 6505569

Dr Terry McGrail Materials and Processes

Miss Lyndsay McGregor +44(0)131 6517273

Prof Glen McHale Multiscale Thermofluids

Miss Ailsa Clare McMillan Energy Systems

Mr Nils Torge Mecker Multiscale Thermofluids

Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez Infrastructure and Environment +44(0)131 6505642

Mr Rory Meehan

Mr Adam Meek

Mr Sajid Mehmood Energy Systems

Mr Calum Melrose

Prof Filippo Menolascina Bioengineering +44(0)131 6505663

Mr Valentin Christian Menzel Materials and Processes

Dr Michael Merlin Energy Systems +44(0)131 6505726

Ms Mahya Meyari Multiscale Thermofluids

Mr Leo Micklem Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Dr Dimitri Mignard Energy Systems +44(0)131 6519024

Prof Frank Mill Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6505673

Mr Fraser Millar +44(0)131 6505802

Mr Graham Miller

Miss Giada Minozzi Multiscale Thermofluids


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