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School of Engineering Staff
Staff Name Research Institute Telephone Email
Prof Sotirios Tsaftaris Digital Communications +44(0)131 6505796

Dr Andreas Tsiamis Integrated Micro and Nano Systems +44(0)131 6505632

Dr Ignacio Tudela-Montes Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6505545

Mr Burhan Turgut Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Wasi Ullah Energy Systems

Mr Sahibzada Muhammad Ahmad Umair Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Prof Ian Underwood Integrated Micro and Nano Systems +44(0)131 6505631

Dr Abhishek Upadhyay Digital Communications

Mr Muhammad Usman Bioengineering

Prof Asif Usmani Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Antonios Valavanis Materials and Processes

Mr Miguel Angel Valdivia Camacho Materials and Processes

Prof Prashant Valluri Multiscale Thermofluids +44(0)131 6505691

Mr Carlos Vanegas Bioengineering

Mr Sergio Vargas Córdoba Infrastructure and Environment

Dr Naveen Veeramani Materials and Processes

Prof Vengatesan Venugopal Energy Systems +44(0)131 6505652

Dr Aravind Venugopalan Nair Jalajakumari Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Dr Matjaz Vidmar Materials and Processes +44(0)131 6507792

Mr Konstantinos Vilouras Digital Communications

Prof Ignazio Maria Viola Energy Systems +44(0)131 6505622

Prokopios Vlachogiannis

Dr Khuram Walayat Materials and Processes

Mr Ross Michael Walker Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Kyle Liam Walker Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Mr Russell David Wallace Infrastructure and Environment

Prof Robin Wallace Energy Systems

Prof Anthony Walton Integrated Micro and Nano Systems +44(0)131 650 7474

Mr Weizhu Wang Infrastructure and Environment

Mr Yifan Wang Energy Systems


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