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Institute for Digital Communications staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Dr Nicholas Polydorides Signal and Image Processing, Tomography +44(0)131 6502769

Ms Laura Smith +44(0)131 6517261

Ms Qianqian Shen +44(0)131 6505659

Mr Tong Zhang

Mr Sovan Das

Mr Kimin Kim Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505659

Dr Alessandro Perelli Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505659

Ms Yuchang Wang

Miss Oluwatayo Yetunde Kolawole +44(0)131 6507454

Miss Cecile Chenot Signal and Image Processing

Dr Evangelos Vlachos

Mrs Janet Forbes +44(0)131 6505706

Dr Murat Uney +44(0)131 6505659

Dr Jiabin Jia +44(0)131 6513568

Dr Majid Safari +44(0)131 6513569

Mrs Hanaa Abumarshoud

Mr Saurav Sthapit +44(0)131 6505659

Mr Iman Tavakkolnia +44(0)131 6507454

Dr Stylianos-Alexios Tsekenis +44(0)131 6502767

Ms Hannah Brown +44(0)131 6502766

Mr Xiaotong Shen

Mr Mojtaba Ahmadi

Mr Mohammed Alshaya

Dr Javier Escudero Rodriguez Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505599

Mr Edward Fisher Signal and Image Processing, Tomography, Sensors +44(0)131 6502767

Mr Euan Stewart Ward

Mr Callum Geldard

Mr Konstantions Voulgaris

Mr Tian Xia

Mr Hao Wu +44(0)131 6507444


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