Imaging, Data and Communications Research Themes

All Research Themes at the Institute for Imaging, Data and Communications.

  • Communications systems are increasingly pervasive in all aspects of our lives. The institute carries out research to support the next generation of technologies that will meet the challenges of ubiquitous and seamless data connectivity. Our research addresses fundamental and industry driven research advances and practical integration of optical fibre, radio frequency (RF)/microwave, antenna and optical wireless, including Light Fidelity (Lifi) systems.

    Analog Devices (AD) FMCW Radar
  • Tomography is the method that underlies medical scanners, which are mostly large, fixed installations, e.g. for X-ray CT scanning and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). Fundamentally, the portability and adaptability of any tomography system depends on the nature of the measurement process that it exploits, and it turns out that many tomography systems are "agile" in these respects

  • Signal and image processing algorithms lie at the heart of almost all of today's digital technology, from the mobile phone to advanced satellite imaging. IDCOM's expertise in signal and image processing spans fundamental theory through to algorithm design, with applications in a wide array of sectors across science and technology.

    Syntheitc Aperture Radar (SAR) image using fast back projection
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