Dr Paul Judge


Engineering Discipline: 

  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Research Institute: 

  • Energy Systems

Research Theme: 

  • Institute for Energy Systems Themes
  • Electrical Power Conversion
  • Wind Energy
  • Energy Storage and Carbon Capture
  • Offshore Renewable Energy
  • Power Systems


I completed my PhD in 2016 under the supervision of Prof. Tim Green in the Control & Power research group, Imperial College London, with a thesis titled 'Power Converter Design for HVDC Applications', for which I was awarded the departmental Eryl Cadwaladr Davies Prize for best doctoral thesis submitted in the academic year.

I have 28 published research papers (12 of which in IEEE Journals, 1 in an IET Journal, and three of which are co-authored with industry partners) on various topics relating to HVDC converters, such as optimised design of modular converter topologies, design of modular converters to enable short-term dynamic overload capabilities, power-loss and thermal modelling of semiconductor devices, hybrid converter topologies using mixed semiconductor technologies (IGBT and thyristor), and the design of converters with integrated energy storage. My paper to the 2018 IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery HVDC special issue was awarded the best paper award for the issue and also included as one of three papers on the journals 'papers received favourable reviews' list that year.

Academic Qualifications: 

PhD - Electrical Engineering - Imperial College London - 2016

BEng (Hons) First Class - Electrical Engineering - University College Dublin - 2012

Professional Qualifications and Memberships: 

Member of IEEE and CIGRE


  • Power Engineering 2 (2nd Year Module)
  • Power Engineering Fundamentals (MSc Level Module)
  • Advanced Power Electronics & Machines (MSc Level Module)
  • Electrical Power Engineering Laboratory (MSc Level Module)

Research Interests: 

My research interests include power converter design and control, as well as power system integration aspects of renewable energy technology. Some current active research projects include:

  • Advanced megawatt scale converter designs using wide-bandgap semiconductors
  • The use of FPGA based Model Predictive Control for power electronics
  • The design of power converters with integrated energy storage for supporting power system with heavy penetration of renewables
  • Interaction between power system protection and power converter design & control.

I have a strong practical focus to my research. This ability to take a power-electronic converter concept and demonstrate it in hardware or to construct a brand new power-electronic converter from scratch is something I try to pass on to all of my students.