Spin Out Case Studies

Edinburgh Innovations has helped staff and students set up 162 new spin-out/start-up businesses in the past five years, many award-winning, thereby strengthening the University’s position as one of the top-performing enterprise universities in the UK.

Building partnerships in Fire Safety Engineering

Professor Luke Bisby discusses building partnerships with industry with the help of EI.

You can view this video on YouTube.

Advanced Wavemaker Design

Edinburgh Designs Ltd (EDL), the original spin-out company, has become the world-leading supplier of wave-making technology for scientific and recreational facilities, with designs in 19 countries.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh has a long track record of spin-out and start up companies and innovations, including key players in the industry. Spin-out companies are companies started, usually by staff where the University of Edinburgh holds the intellectual property rights, where as start up companies tend to be started by students of the University where the student holds the intellectual property rights. However, these start up companies will still have very strong links to the University and School of Engineering. Some examples can be seen below:

Spin-out Companies

  • Artilium - mobile phone location services
  • Conversatec - Language translation
  • DEM Solutions - finite element modelling
  • Elektrobit (UK) Ltd - mobile comms
  • Intexia - inkjet texturing
  • MicroEmissive Displays - TV microdisplays
  • NGenTec - novel electrical generators for wind turbines
  • Particle Analytics - software and consultancy in preparation, visualisation and analysis of particles and industrial bulk solids
  • Predictions Software - semiconductor yield
  • Pure LiFi - ubiquitous high speed wireless access using visible light communication
  • RicaTek - design of next-generation digital cameras and imaging systems
  • SATSIS (now Sensewhere) - satellite communications
  • Spiral Gateway - low power IC design
  • Sofant Technologies - innovative wireless solutions using smart antenna and tunable RF
  • VLSI Vision - pioneers in the development of CMOS (complementary metal oxide semiconductor) image sensor technology
  • Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd (now Cirrus Logic) - microelectronics and fabless semiconductor

Secondary Spin Out Companies

Student Start up Companies

Wave Making Technology - Edinburgh Designs Ltd
Wave Making Technology - Edinburgh Designs Ltd
Wind Turbines - Renewable Devices
Wind Turbines - Renewable Devices
Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd
Wolfson Microelectronics Ltd