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Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Professor Rebecca Cheung Smart MEMS and Microsystems Technology +44(0)131 6505749

Mr Michael Chung

Miss Xuan Dong

Ms Anna Dalziel Bryan

Mr Noah Hurton

Mr Kevin Dodds +44(0)131 6505625

Miss Zurong Zhang

Mr Christopher John Lochhead

Mr Pablo Gilberto Ledesma Lopez

Mrs Clare Catherine Halpenny

Mr Jonathan Paul Flint

Ms Lauren Katherine Katherine Johnson

Mrs Lauren Rohm Gillespie

Miss Victoria Ann Barber-Fleming

Ms Emily Kate Adams

Mr Alin Georgian Panca

Mr Fan Yang

Mr Khaled Muneer Mutlaq Humood

Mr Grahame Keith Reynolds

Mr Ahmet Cirakoglu

Miss Caterina Anna Laura Sbandati

Mr Yanjun Yang

Miss Yihan Pan

Professor Themis Prodromakis

Mr Xiongfei Jiang

Dr Alexantrou Serb

Dr Shady Agwa Rizkalla

Mr Yulin Geng

Mr Georgios Papandroulidakis

Mr Maciej Stanislaw Wojtkiewicz


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